Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It’s been a busy couple of days at the farm! Another baby this morning- a Jacob. Unfortunately, mom wants nothing to do with it. First time mom so I’ll cut her some slack, but it’s so frustrating when the ewe refuses to bond with a lamb. Upside is, the lamb is healthy and bouncing around like she should.

We’re definitely having a ewe year! Only 2 rams so far; one CA Red cross and one Romney x Corriedale cross. The size difference is funny- the CA Red is a tiny boy; the Romney cross has a lot of skin to grow into.

Every lamb is getting their doses of Lamb's Choice Total Colostrum replacer. It's made a difference. The lambs are active, warm, and ready to nurse. Most are going right back to mom. We'll have a couple that will be "ours". But after last year, I’m at the point, I’d rather have bottle babies than dead babies…

The English Shepherds are loving this time of year. I’ve been rotating who goes out with me to the paddock. Bubba knows the drill- calm, quiet, slow movements so the ewes don’t panic (although he does forget sometimes and get “so-o-o excited…). The pups get to watch how he works, so when they go in with me, they also are calm and quiet. They’ve all been eager to help clean up the lambs. The bottle babies are getting used to being cleaned, preened, and licked by the dogs.

So I imagine we’ll have a few more “watch sheep” who don’t realize they aren’t dogs this summer….

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