Monday, March 15, 2010

19 and almost done

This is one of my favorite Jacob ewes. She's a great mom, has nice horns and fleece and is a pretty easy keeper. She's one of the more dominant ewes so she's also a good dog trainer! She and her ewe lamb were enjoying the warmth of the sunshine yesterday.

We had one more ram lamb born this weekend- a Jacob/Shetland/Cheviot/Wensleydale x East Friesan cross. It will be interesting to see how he develops. He looks like he'll be a tall boy like his daddy. Mom isn't that flashy, but she has an interesting fleece. She's a good first time mom- fiercely defensive of him. She doesn't like when we have to handle him and stays very close. That alone is one reason to keep her in the flock!

If I've counted right, we should have one more ewe to go- the Suffolk. She's bagging up so I have a feeling she'll go this week. It'll be perfect weather if she goes early this week and the lamb can get past the first couple days before it gets cold this weekend.

The bottle babies are growing like crazy. The four littlest ones are still coming in at night, but they spend the day outside with the big lambs. The singleton ram lamb is going to be HUGE if he keeps eating the way he has been. And the others aren't far behind. They get their daily milk, but are already nibbling the hay and creep feed.

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