Thursday, March 18, 2010

An English Shepherd in his element!

Bubba is our master lamb guardian & nurturer. This is where Bubba excels! He loves his babies- as far as he's concerned- they're all his wards. He lets them sniff him, then he in turn cleans them up- front to back! He's even been known to snuggle with them.

Here he is with the bottle babies. He'll play with them, gently herd them around the yard and teach them the rules of the farm. It's so nice to have the lambs treated so calmly!

Bubba's pedigree is Beebe, Mohns, & Anderson. He's one of the gentlest dogs I've known. While there isn't a mean bone in his body, he will take on the sheep in a heartbeat if they challenge. He's a lot like his sire - Beebe's Sparky- and I'm pleased that his daughter Honey and granddaughter Eva are very nurturing as well. It's one of the qualities that drew me to English Shepherds. I don't always need herding help, but I do need extra eyes watching out for the safety of the livestock.

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