Thursday, March 11, 2010


It took a while, but I finally got my own domain and a new website set up. We are officially and on the web. I had to remember how to use the program to get the website published- it's been a couple years since I took the class, but it came back as I started using it.

It's not quite as painless as using a drag & drop site builder, but the results are so much better. I can finally add products to sell from the site, and can add more pages as needed.

I still have to load pictures of lambs and sheep, and finish up some of the descriptions, but the majority of the info is online.

Lambing is almost done- 18 live lambs bouncing around. The lamb races are starting with a couple of the older lambs. We have a fair number of bucket babies, but they are doing great. And they are big! They are already nibbling on the creep feed and hay.

Pictured is one of this year's Jacob ewe lambs.

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