Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The latest lamb

What's not to like about this guy? He's adorable! His dad is the East Friesian and his mom is a Jacob/Shetland/Cheviot/Wensleydale. He has his little coat on to keep him warm at night. Underneath, he's white with a spot on his back. Don't you love the eye patches! He looks like he's all head right now- he sure does have some growing to do to make those legs fit the rest of him!


Garrett808 said...

CUTE! did you join that program to use a East Friesan ram and then all ewe lambs would be bought back by the WI dairy sheep group at a premium?

I jsut recently heard about that. Sounds pretty interesting!

Somerhill said...

He looks like a Dwarf Hotot !

AsylumFarm said...

No- I've had that ram for a couple years. Docile as can be. Got him to add a little dairy qualities to some ewes. More of an experiment than anything. The ewe lamb that I have this year of his is a reverse of this lamb!