Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lambing has begun!

Our first lamb arrived on Saturday. We had Family Learning Day for 4H and our club serves lunch. So after serving about 200 people and a quick trip to the hardware store, we drove home, past the pasture. Sure enough, I could have sworn I saw a lamb.

Pulled into the driveway, got the farm boots on and headed out to check. A little ewe lamb born at some point in the 50F morning. Definitely a better day to be born than the week before! Made sure she was up and nursing, threw a coat on her and let her stay out with mom. Checked a couple more ewes and we'll probably have a couple more lambs this week.

Honey is getting VERY uncomfortable! I had expected that she would have whelped this weekend- she was restless on Saturday night and didn't sleep much. Pups were doing somersaults and moving all around. But Sunday she either napped or had to pee. Pups must be putting some pressure on her bladder by now. Oldest DD is here now so there will be someone home with her this week. Day 63 is Tuesday. Could be tonight....barometric pressure is just never know.

Lola isn't far behind. She's somewhere between 7-14 days behind. Tough to say with right now. Since she is apparently an induced ovulator, we know WHEN she was bred, but we don't know where she was in her cycle. So- we'll just see how it goes and keep an eye on her.

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