Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bailey pays it forward...

Bailey is a purebred ES whose owners had to give him up due to the economic downturn. He's been adopted & ended up in a GREAT! home though and is now trying to help the Montana ES.

Please take the time to go vote for Bailey. And forward this on to anyone you think might vote. The contest is one vote per person and just this week.

Here's some info from his new owner:
I adopted Bailey from the National English Shepherd Rescue, and I want to "pay it forward." There are 200 English Shepherds that were seized recently in Montana (you can read about it here: http://www.nesr.info/montana.htm) and NESR is going to need help with their care. This contest has a first prize of $10,000 to an animal related cause, second is $5,000, and third is $1,000. None of those amounts are something to sneeze at and would greatly help these dogs in need. To help NESR, I entered Bailey in Bissell's 2009 MVP contest. Please vote him into the next round and Spread the word!"

Since the seizure, a fair number of the females have given birth and a dozen or so are still due to whelp soon. So we're heading toward 300 English Shepherds who will, if all goes well, need homes eventually. The trial may not be for a few months. Meanwhile the dogs are in the care of Yellowstone County and a team of hard working volunteers. So the county is on the hook for the care and feeding of all these animals.

National English Shepherd Rescue (NESR) has been helping with donations of food and supplies, plus advice about the peculiarities of English Shepherds in general and feral dogs in particular.

Please Vote For Bailey!

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