Monday, February 9, 2009

Full moon, a lunar eclipse- and puppies!

Apparently we have this "thing" for birthings on special nights. Honey was born on the March19, 2007 new moon solar eclipse; she was bred 2 days before the full moon in December; and her pups are being born the morning of a full moon with a penumbral lunar eclipse.

First pup arrived at 1:45am and so far we are up to 6. Three males, three females. Mostly black & white although one does appear to be a tri. Won't know until later. Lots of "Irish markings"; 1 white factor pup.

Honey's calmed down a lot since it started- taking a break right now. She can use the rest. Me too... She's not done yet- looks like there might be 1 or 2 more.


It's noon and we're at 9. 4M/5F. Mostly B/W; a couple tris (although light on the tan like Bubba); 2 mostly black dorsal/white ventral with tipped tails and socks. And good ole Sparky had to throw in one white factor pup. It's a female with what looks like a "hoodie" of white (except her ears).

I think we're both getting tired.

~~~~~~~~~Update Again!~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, we weren't done at noon... Honey delivered 2 more pups- 1M/1F. She finished up at 3:30pm. So the total count for today is 11! 5M/6F. Looks like we'll end up with 2 tri's, 2 mostly black with some white, the remainder are black & white with the "Irish" markings.

Honey finally relaxed and had something to eat & drink and then wolfed down some cottage cheese and venison.

I need a drink....

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Congratulations; can't WAIT to see pictures!