Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rules & corrections

Bubba is the major rule enforcer at our farm, while Lola is generally the muscle... So it's always interesting to watch the interactions.

We've had several new people over to the farm the last few days to meet the dogs and see pups. Since our dogs don't go to town a lot, they are a little slower to warm up to new people (although they warm up faster to ES people...). But after a few minutes during which they are allowed to be loud and sound the "intruder alert" (while we ignore them)- they settle down and come up to the visitors. Interactions off-farm are usually different than on-farm; if we aren’t home they don’t care nearly as much.

We had a couple visit last night who wanted to meet the ES and get to know more about the breed.

I had brought the dogs out one at a time, first Bubba (who stayed out), then Eva (out and back in the house), Lola (oh so glad to be away from the pups) and finally Honey. The dogs were generally good ambassadors. Last night, however, Honey was being a particular crab-ass and didn't want to settle down. Honey decided that she could be as loud and obnoxious as she wanted, barking loudly and not quieting down. Before I could correct her, we watched as Bubba dove for her and in a split second had given her the "I can put your whole head in my mouth" correction...

She settled down...

I guess it doesn’t matter how old you are- your parents can still correct you!

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