Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring update

Wow- it’s been since the end of March? Guess I really did get busy this spring. Had a quick trip to Calgary in April to work on the database pages and to get data updated for that facility. Two days of travel for three days of work, but when I left we were fairly well caught up. It’s been 2 years but we’re finally getting there with the amendments. I do love going up there- the storms are awesome- you can see them for miles as they move in.

We ended up the season with 25 lambs- the last one is a little white Lincoln ram. One of the first to be born has already been sold, 24 more to go…! We didn’t lose any to hypothermia. I am SO relieved!

The next thing I need to do is start shearing…anyone up for some aerobic exercise? By the time I’m done, my arms are usually in pretty good condition! Nothing like wrestling a 200 lb sheep while holding a sharp powered object in one hand!

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Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Sounds like trying to trim my old dog's hair!