Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hormone Fog

No pups for us until later in 2010. With everything that’s going on right now, the timing wouldn’t be good. I might have another trip out of the country for work next spring and don’t want to leave the rest of the family on-duty. Honey's in full heat; Lola and Eva are just starting. Honey's passive/aggressive right now- she's either snarking nonstop or trying to get lovey-dovey with anyone so she can get out.

Lola is in high gear- everything has to be done at high speed and energy. And Eva is following right behind her mother- she has decided she doesn't like Bubba's attempts at getting Honey's attention and has found her outside voice.

Bubba can't think and forgets to eat. He's so smitten he's useless if there is a girl in the outside kennel. Our Lab, Tucker, is beside himself- he remembers something about what it was like when he COULD do something- but now that he's neutered, he doesn't quite remember what it was that was so wonderful.

Life is far from quiet at our house!

Bubba (What? I can't help it!)
Honey (Love you- get away from me)
Lola (Now! Do it now!)
Eva (I'll be the enforcer since none of them can think straight)

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An English Shepherd said...

Yes it sounds like it a bit active in your house!

Wizz :-)