Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saturday, Roger, Ali & I headed to the Paramount Blues Festival in Grafton. Wow! What a great experience! “Honeyboy Edwards”, the oldest living blues musician that played with Robert Johnson was there. The man is 94 years old and still touring! Diunna Greenleaf was fantastic- I wasn’t sure at first that I would enjoy her but – wow! – can that lady sing! She’s a great entertainer and puts on a wonderful show. Her band is awesome! There were some fantastic groups including The Alex Wilson Band, Greg Koch, & Zac Hoffman. We couldn’t stay for the whole evening this time. Next year we are definitely staying for the late night musicians and the “after” party.

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Karen Schmit said...

Hey Shelley...I was there, too! Too bad I didn't run into you there. Oh wait a minute....I didn't know ya then! It sure was a great bunch of musical acts that weekend. The weather definitely could have been better, but still a great time! Take care, Karen Schmit