Friday, May 8, 2009

Plank Road Summer

A couple of very good friends from "the early days" have been working on a historical novel about life in Wisconsin, and in particular, about life on the "Plank Road". Hilda & Emily are both gifted writers and have collaborated to write Plank Road Summer, a fictional book about life for two young friends whose families operate the toll-gate and an inn on the route.

The book release is this weekend and they are holding an old-fashioned barn dance and farm events at the Yorkville Elementary School in Union Grove, WI. Sunday they will be in Racine at the Heritage Museum with family activities, which I've learned from my mom will include some wool carding. I may just have to take along a few bags of wool...

The Demuth family has always been close to ours. Hilda's mom Marg and my mom attended school together. Hilda was the one I envied; I really wanted her sheep! We didn't live on a farm- just near them all. So I lived vicariously through my friends that had livestock. Took a while, but now I have my own.

If you get a chance, take a look at their website. I'd love to go down on Saturday, but we have prior commitments (puppies heading out & lamb weigh-in). I'm hoping to make Sunday.

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Mrs. Demuth-Lutze said...

Thanks for the kind words, old friend! We had a delightful Plank Road Summer launch party last weekend. You fellow shepherds will be glad to know that on Sunday at the Racine Heritage Museum we demonstrated the use of a drum carder as a kid-friendly activity to accompany our historical presentation.