Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is winter over yet???

Okay- Uncle! There- I said it- I've had enough winter already! We got another 12" of snow this week. The kids had their first snow day of the year on Tuesday- one of the few called in our school district. The snow drifts are up to 4' tall in some spots and getting over to the pasture is a challenge. We might have to set up some snow fencing next year to at least give us a walkway.

Temps are dropping tonight- expecting 0F with windchills of -10F...

When did I move to Canada??? Couldn't I at least have moved to Vancouver???

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Lael said...

Hey, Shel, it is supposed to warm up and rain this weekend! And in all this freezing weather, Larry dragged me to an auction this morning! I'm just hoping we don't go for another record breaking snowfall this year!